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Today’s social and economic challenges are complex and require comprehensive, integrated and innovative approaches to shape solutions that work effectively. WKF local area network seeks to continue to be part of the positive solutions.

The WKF empowers and supports the community with support to tackle persistent challenges such as housing, economic development and education/life long-learning which leads to, securing self-reliance for socially and economically stable families, or helping communities build wealth and instill a pride of place and rich culture.  Through this work, WKF achieves its mission of improving lives, strengthening communities and fortifying the civic health of our area network.

The Wiley Kennedy Foundation will support a culture where each partner thinks in terms of impact, real-time action, and results through cross-matrix collaboration, streamlined operations, and data-driven decision making.

Community Impact

Oral folklore has indicated that the North Main sector of Columbia was developed by the African American veteran.  There appears to be a semi-historical basis to this narrative due to the fact that the GI Bill was utilized to back many home loans in this area.  An initiative of the Wiley Kennedy Foundation's strategic plan has always been to support the veteran community and to help undergird veteran programs.


Economic Development

Is the key to establish a diverse, resilient, and vibrant economy which attracts employers and employees. Economic development policies and practices are geared towards business retention and expansion as well as the attraction of new businesses.  There are a number of key indicators that market analysts, companies, and economic development professionals use to determine a community's strengths and weaknesses, including a community's capacity for talent and innovation, its gross domestic product and growth trends, and  estimated operational and taxation/fee costs to businesses. The WKF will institute programs, initiatives, financial and human resource to position this community for economic growth.

Reviewing housing markets, determining the gaps and opportunities as it pertain to residential structures and home rental and privately owned houses in the 29203 community. 


Provide notification of discounted public lands for construction of affordable housing:

      - Mix of housing types on Major Corridors – Allowing development of a mix of housing along major transportation corridors

      - Discount Public Land for Affordable Housing – Provide discounted public lands for construction of affordable housing

      - Identify & Prioritize Improvement in Vulnerable Neighborhoods – Work with vulnerable, low-income neighborhood to identify needed improvements and public funding for these improvements.

     - Homeownership Assistance – Improve access to homeownership workshops and assistance programs.


Education/Life-Long Learning


To enhance social inclusion, active citizenship, personal development and self-sustainability we will promote: lifelong learning and the pursuit of knowledge for personal and/or professional growth.

Education and lifelong learning provide economic benefits to society in many ways - well-educated citizens are better equipped for significant economic production. However, the benefits aren't just for society, education also benefits individuals and families. Education can improve the future for everyone involved.

Our approach is two-pronged, education of our youth, especially high-risk individuals and continuing education for adults.


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