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Safer Communities of the Midlands

Safer Communities of the Midlands

The Safer Communities of the Midlands Youth Advisory Board




The Safer Communities of the Midlands Youth Advisory Board is a dynamic and engaged group of young individuals dedicated to promoting safety, well-being, and community involvement in the Midlands region. This advisory board plays a crucial role in developing and facilitating events, advising, and collaborating with community leaders, organizations, and stakeholders to address and enhance safety initiatives for youth and residents within the Midlands area.


The mission of the Safer Communities of the Midlands Youth Advisory Board is to empower

young individuals to actively contribute to creating safer and more resilient communities. By

harnessing the unique perspectives, skills, and energy of youth, the advisory board aims to

address and mitigate safety challenges, foster community engagement, and promote positive


Key Responsibilities

1. Advisory Role: Provide valuable insights and recommendations community leaders and organizations on youth-related  safety issues.

2. Community Engagement: Actively engage with the community to understand their safety concerns, facilitate communication, and promote collaborative solutions.

3. Initiative Support: Support and participate in initiatives and programs focused on enhancing the safety and well-being of youth in the Midlands region.

4. Advocacy: Advocate for policies and practices that prioritize the safety and welfare of the youth population.

5. Educational Outreach: Collaborate with local schools and organizations to raise awareness about safety issues and provide educational resources to peers.

6. Event Participation: Take an active role in organizing and participating in events that promote community safety and unity.


The Safer Communities of the Midlands Youth Advisory Board is guided by the following core values:

 Inclusivity: Embrace diversity and inclusivity, ensuring that all voices are heard and


Collaboration: Foster collaboration among youth, community leaders, and stakeholders to collectively address safety challenges.

Empowerment: Empower youth to be proactive leaders and change-makers in their communities.

 Integrity: Uphold high ethical standards and integrity in all interactions and activities.


Selection Process

Members of the advisory board are selected through a comprehensive application and interview process. The selection criteria include a commitment to community safety, leadership potential, diversity, and a genuine passion for making a positive impact in the Midlands region.

Meetings and Engagement

The advisory board meets regularly to discuss ongoing safety initiatives, share updates, and plan future activities. Members actively engage with community events, workshops, and outreach programs to stay connected with the community they serve.

The Safer Communities of the Midlands Youth Advisory Board is a vital component of the broader community safety strategy, ensuring that the perspectives and ideas of young individuals are integral to the development and implementation of initiatives that foster a safer and more vibrant Midland’s region.

Safer Communities of the Midlands

Youth Advisory Board for Safer Communities of the Midlands Criteria


Youth Advisory Board for a Safer Communities of the Midlands initiative is important to ensure that the selected individuals are dedicated, representative, and committed to the goals of the program.

1. Age Range:

• Applicants must be between the ages of 14 and 17 at the time of application.

2. Residency:

• Applicants must reside within the Midlands region to ensure local representation.

3. Commitment to Safety and Community:

• Demonstrate a genuine interest in promoting safety within the community.

• Express a commitment to contributing positively to the well-being of the community.

4. Academic Standing:

• Maintain a satisfactory academic record as an indicator of discipline and responsibility.

5. Inclusivity

• The program welcomes applicants from all academic backgrounds. While academic achievements are valued, a diverse range of skills, interests, and experiences will be considered in the selection process.

6. Leadership Potential:

• Show evidence of leadership skills or potential through school, community, or extracurricular activities.

7. Communication Skills:

• Demonstrate effective communication skills, including the ability to express ideas and listen to others.

8. Collaborative Spirit:

• Exhibit a willingness to work collaboratively with other board members, community leaders, and organizations to achieve common goals.

9. Critical Thinking Skills:

• Display an aptitude for critical thinking and problem-solving to address community safety issues.

10. Availability:

• Have the ability and commitment to attend regular board meetings, workshops, and events as required.

11. Ethical Standards:

• Uphold high ethical standards and integrity in personal and community engagements.

12. Community Involvement:

• Prior experience or involvement in community service or volunteer activities is a plus. 1

13. Recommendation/Reference:

• Provide letters of recommendation or references from teachers, community leaders, or mentors.

14. Application Process:

• Complete a comprehensive application form, including essays or responses that reflect their understanding of community safety and their vision for the initiative.

15. Parental/Guardian Consent:

• Obtain consent from parents or guardians for participation in the Youth Advisory Board

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